I am a self-taught musician, guitar player, composer and music producer. Despite not having any specific degree I’ve been learning a lot doing the daily “dirty” job, practice over theory I could say. I’ve been playing guitar for almost thirty years and recording music with local bands and artists for over twenties in my own small but mighty recording studio where the experiences over years naturally led me to work on my own music production.

Although I enjoy being on stage and working with other musicians, I really love being in studio by myself, sit down and create, play, record, edit, mix and work on my songs, every piece of music is a little frame of my world and I'm always excited about the next one!


My passion for guitars started when I was a kid watching on TV a documentary about Jimi Hendrix, that white Stratocaster became the object of my desires, that sound completely blown me away and I urgently needed to to learn playing guitar!

In the eighties, when I was a teen, there was not free streaming music, no YouTube, Instagram or tutorials so you can imagine the extra effort and passion needed; like many guys I used to play over the records until literally destroying them but cannot regret those days since my "by ear" playing became one of my strongest point.


As you can guess my guitar playing is heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix but I’ve been growing listening to many other guitar heroes, Eddie Van Halen first of the list, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Neil Zaza and more recently Mark Tremonti, just to name some of them.

During these years I’ve been growing a particular interest about the music production, music on TV series, TV shows and soundtracks and this is why I started working on my own music production with a particular attention to the music licensing world.


Just not to be a stranger here’s some random facts you might like to know about me:

  • I am a left-handed Sagittarius.
  • I love soccer, my fav team is AC MILAN.
  • I do not smoke, I actually hate smoke.
  • I don’t like crowded places.
  • I am Netflix addicted (but paying attention at music on TV series it’s somehow part of my job).
  • Ok, I love pizza, I am definitely Italian, oh and coffee, short, dark and strong… told you, I can’t hide I’m Italian.
  • I a decent drawer and tennis player.
  • Although being totally lefty, when I was a kid I broke my left wrist, this forced me learning to write with my right hand, actually I can do some things with my right hand, others with my natural one, but nothing with both.